New Life Noted planners!

The new Life Noted planners are the next generation of Quo Vadis planners. There are pages designed to help you set, track, and review your goals all year. The pages guide you but are not prescribed so you can use them in whatever way works best for you.

Here is a roundup of links to posts and pages with information about the Life Noted planners:

The Life Noted planners are available in academic year or January-December formats (click the links for more information including where to buy).

Here is information on where to buy Life Noted planners wherever you are in the world! Includes links to buy the academic year or calendar year versions, with the refillable covers or non-refillable spiral bound, in the US and internationally.

Here is a short video demonstrating how to use the Life Noted planner pages.

Here are some posts demonstrating how to use:

the Annual Goals pages


the Monthly Review pages

the month on two pages calendars

Here is a fantastic and very thorough review of the Life Noted planner by Plannerisma!

Click here to see all the Quo Vadis blog posts about the Life Noted planners.