Daily Journaling Prompts for March 2017

Four leaf clover desktop

Continuing our series on daily journaling prompts, here is a list of journaling topics for every day in March! This gives everyone some new ideas for journaling, and can help take the pressure off to think of something to journal about every day, especially for folks doing our Page Per Day Challenge. This month’s themes […]

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Time management Monday: What my first Quo Vadis planner taught me about organizing my time

Years ago the first Quo Vadis planner I ever used was a Septanote, which is the academic year version of the Trinote weekly planner. These planners both have the Quo Vadis Agenda Planning Dairy format created more than 60 years ago by a French doctor so he could effectively plan his week. I learned a […]

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Plan & Note planner review by NoPenIntended

Many thanks to NoPenIntended for this excellent review of our Plan & Note planner! The review is very thorough and includes likes and dislikes, ink tests, and even watercolor experimentation! The pages of the whole planner consist of 90gsm white paper, very fountain pen friendly with no bleedthrough and minimal show-through. The paper shows off […]

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