Septanote academic year planner discontinued

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Unfortunately, the Septanote academic year planner is being discontinued due to low sales and will not be produced for 2018-2019.

I was especially disappointed about this news, because I am a Septanote user myself. In fact the Septanote was my first Quo Vadis planner back in the day, and is still one of my long-time favorites.

If you are a Septanote user, you have a few options:

You can do what I did and switch to the Trinote weekly planner, which is the exact same size and format as the Septanote but is January-December. The 2018 Trinote planners are still available, you can see a list of online retailers who sell them here.

Trinote weekly planner Jan-Dec

Or if you need an academic year planner, the Academic Minister has a very similar weekly format, with the additional advantage of also having monthly planning pages. The 2018-2019 Academic Minister planners will be available to buy late spring.

Academic Minister weekly planner

Another option is our new academic year planner that will have weekly and monthly pages and is designed to help you set, track, and evaluate your goals. I can’t tell you any more about it yet, but I’ll have loads of details about this new planner soon!

If you have any questions or want more planner advice please leave a comment here or you can email me directly at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com.

2 thoughts on “Septanote academic year planner discontinued

  1. I’m sad to see the Septanote go. I’m a fan of the format and love the academic year cycle for my planners. While I’m a vocal advocate of my beloved Principal, you caught my interest with hints of a new planner… with monthly pages too?!

    • Yep! Weekly pages, months on two pages, and pages for goals setting, tracking and evaluation. More info coming soon! 😀

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