Look back, not forward, with the anno planner?

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Reader Penny uses a Moleskine rather than a Quo Vadis planner, but she has an interesting suggestion about how to use its Anno Planner: not to plan ahead, but to record what’s already happened.

I want to end with how I use the anno section, a section that many apparently struggle with, regardless of brand. In my anno section, I record what I made for dinner.

You could extrapolate from here and record financial data, too, it strikes me — money spent or earned.

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  1. Laurie

    02/11/2013   11:35AM  

    What a great idea! I use a similar month with days as lines for an index of events that happened each day. This gives me an at-a-glance view of what happened for the entire month. Some examples from my index of last month: I ordered more heating oil on the first, it was delivered on the third. My son lost his first tooth on the 9th. I had new tires put on my car on the 15th. Etc. It’s really convenient to be able to see things like this easily.

  2. kategm

    02/12/2013   10:31AM  

    I love that idea. I may need to steal it :)


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