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Thanks to all who entered this month’s contest, and congratulations to all 33 of the lucky winners! We had a lot of entrants for this contest, so don’t be disappointed if your name’s not on this list.

  • Jeremy L.
  • Jennie S.
  • J. Mark B.
  • Kelly C.
  • I. Sanderson
  • Pamela Ann M.
  • Jessica H.
  • Mina
  • Pat A.
  • Mary Lou W.
  • Cole I.
  • A. Baker
  • Jennifer H.
  • Lotta A.
  • Samantha K.
  • Ed M.
  • Jocelyn J.
  • Kimberly M.
  • Robin M.
  • Cassandra S.
  • Stephanie L.
  • Melissa K.
  • Sara A.
  • William B.
  • Daniel H.
  • Edith B.
  • Alexia S.
  • Odette B.
  • Marcia S.
  • Robin S.
  • Michelle M.
  • Erin D.
  • Stevi K.

We’re planning to run a contest every month this year, so check back again if you didn’t win and you’ll have another opportunity.

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  1. Jen

    01/31/2013   16:41PM  


    This is awesome. The only really great thing that has happened all week.

  2. Mary Lou W.

    01/31/2013   18:01PM  

    Thank you so much! This is the first time I have won in a blog contest, and believe me, I have entered lots of them. I can’t wait to try the notebook. Thanks again!!!

  3. penemuel

    01/31/2013   19:06PM  

    OMG I won one :D *fingers crossed for purple*

  4. Cole I.

    02/01/2013   10:50AM  

    Wow, thank you very much! Great way to start the new month!

  5. Stevi K

    02/01/2013   12:33PM  

    Oh wow, I won!!! I never win anything! Thank you so much!

  6. Odette

    02/02/2013   18:43PM  

    Yay! I never win anything. Thank you!

  7. Robin

    02/06/2013   18:08PM  

    Thank you so much for picking my name! My notebook came in today’s mail. What a nice surprise.

  8. Marcia

    02/10/2013   21:57PM  

    Thank you! The notebook is so cute and awesome paper. I love it.

  9. Mina

    02/11/2013   01:17AM  

    I received the notebook this weekend and the paper is super smooth! I have been wanting to buy one of the for a long time but it was always out of stock in Jetpens whenever I looked…Now I think I need to buy one in bigger size!

  10. Jen

    02/11/2013   11:08AM  

    I got mine in the mail last Thursday, and it is a much needed pick me up. I love the little size – perfect for my purse. When I finish with my small Rhodia pad, this one will take its place.

  11. Samantha

    02/11/2013   13:49PM  

    Getting this in the mail was a pleasant surprise. Thanks!


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