Elastic bookmarks: now with black bands!

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I’m pleased to announce that our elastic bookmarks now come with straps that aren’t the color of your grandma’s pantyhose (as our friend Beth once put it)… They’re also available in a goes-with-everything black.

Ask your favorite retailer if you’re interested or find them at Goulet Pens, Writer’s Bloc, and Paper Bistro.

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  1. Laurie

    01/30/2013   17:49PM  

    I received a new-black-strapped elastic bookmark with my ABP1, and it looks great!

  2. Jarek N.

    01/31/2013   06:30AM  

    In my opinion this is most ingenious gadget for notebooks ever. Such a pity, there is no possibility to buy this in Poland. Buying in USA is crazy because of shipping costs…

  3. Stevi K

    02/01/2013   12:34PM  

    But I got back strapped ones last year?

    • Leah Hoffmann

      02/05/2013   12:33PM  

      Hunh. Both Karen and I have never seen these before… maybe you got a prototype? Hope you like it, anyway.

  4. B Irwin

    02/03/2013   23:47PM  

    Woot! Now I have an excuse to buy more!

    These are the most useful things ever. One can never have too many. Now they’re stylish as well as useful. :-)


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