When do you switch planners?

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There’s always a bit of overlap between this year’s planner and next year’s. I’m usually so eager to crack open the fresh, unmarked pages of next year’s book that I swap it in as soon as I can. Usually, I’ve also got dance and symphony subscription dates to enter, though not, in 2013, with a new baby.

Do you finish out your planners or start a new one before the year turns?

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  1. Marty

    12/27/2012   16:10PM  

    I do my set-up during the last week of the year as far as transferring birthdays, recurring events, etc., but don’t start actually using my new planner until exactly January 1st of the new year. I’m compulsive that way! Also like starting fresh, and always thinking positively about the new year with high expectations so don’t want any “old” stuff from the previous year creating baggage in the new year.

  2. Tonya

    12/27/2012   23:39PM  

    I switch over on January 1st – even if its in the middle of the week!

  3. Lanzman

    12/28/2012   12:39PM  

    I start my new planner the first workday of the new year, since I pretty much use it only at work.

  4. NG

    12/30/2012   18:04PM  

    It varies. If I’m starting a new style of planner or new format, I’ll usually begin in December to get the kinks worked out of the new method prior to the beginning of the new year. This is in addition to maintaining the current planner format.

  5. catherine

    01/01/2013   21:38PM  

    I put off switching as long as I can. Here where I live it’s summer and many of us take our vacation in January. I think I like to prolong that feeling of being on vacation so I defer entering anything in the way of an appointment into my new planner until I absolutely have to. That first appointment signals the end of the summer and the start of another seemingly interminable work year until December comes around again. We don’t get that sense of an ending, a break, and a new beginning emerging out from the depths of winter that northern hemisphereans get.

  6. macbook

    01/03/2013   00:43AM  

    I LOVE Quo Vadis planners SO MUCH.
    And I am kind of freaking out because I cannot find anything in the Habana bound anymore. It’s already January 2nd and I’m without a planner…I had to order from UK. But I do not care…I HAVE TO HAVE Quo Vadis. It’s my way of life. Even if I will be a week or two behind. I just didn’t know that America stopped making them!

  7. Pisces6

    01/05/2013   01:27AM  

    I usually use my planners until the end of the year unless I am trying to find a new planner. If I find one that I think might work, I look for a discounted planner of the current year to try out.

    For example, I switched to Notor from a pocket daily Moleskine around July 2012 after I got a hold of a 2012 Notor for $3 (this included a brown Soya cover). It was well worth it the switch!


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