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During the recent “planner review” we found a good number of people use fountain pens.   Based on their tests and comments, from now on we are are not labeling any product as “fountain pen friendly” unless it is 90 g and up.

Some people (planner reviewers and other friends) were kind enough to review some of our J. Herbin inks.   Here are a few I am aware of:   Biffy Beans, Spiritual Evolution of the Bean (please scroll down to “Bean’s  Ink and Pen Reviews”); Margana, Inkophile and Murderface, Reciprocal Crap Exchange. Thank you all!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, so I thought it might be fun to offer our green inks (plus our orange!) to anyone out there who would like a bottle of ink to review. J. Herbin makes Vert Pre, Diabolo Menthe, Vert Olive, Lierre Sauvage, Vert Reseda, Vert Empire, and Orange Indien.   See them all here.

I have a limited supply to give away.   One bottle per person. jherbin_logo

You are welcome to send us photos of your tests, scribbles, sketches, doodles and artwork.


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  1. B Irwin

    02/19/2009   11:00AM  

    I’d like to try Vert Empire or Reseda, please.

  2. Zoe

    02/19/2009   12:03PM  

    I’d like to try Vert Empire if possible. Thanks.

  3. Thomas Cackler

    02/19/2009   12:55PM  

    I’d love to test either of them and would be happy to post my findings on the FPN!

  4. kookychick

    02/19/2009   14:57PM  

    I would love to review Orange Indien or Lierre Sauvage, but I don’t want to deprive others of getting a chance to try Herbin inks, either! :-)

  5. OfficeSupplyGeek

    02/19/2009   15:05PM  

    Would be happy to review the Vert Empire or the Orange Indien on my blog!

  6. Nosferatuia

    02/19/2009   15:14PM  

    I would like to try out the Diabolo Menthe or Vert Reseda :).

  7. cookNice

    02/19/2009   16:03PM  

    If possible I would love to try the Vert Empire or the Orange Indien; actually anyone that you would send I would love to test!:)

  8. Jeff Abbott

    02/19/2009   16:34PM  

    I will be interested to see the forthcoming reviews of the inks, just to see what pens might work well with the Herbin cartridges. I have Lamy Safaris and they’re not compatible. So if you write a review, please tell us what pen you use. Thanks!

  9. Nanci Fitzgerald

    02/19/2009   21:19PM  

    I would love to try and review Lierre Sauvage. I’ve have a nice FP collection and would be happy to try it on number or different brands and style.

  10. Stephen hizKNITS

    02/20/2009   00:00AM  

    I’d be honored to try the Orange Indien and spread my review among knitting and crafting bloggers. I’m ready to move some new pens into rotation and a new (to me) color would be a great excuse to switch up my writing roster.

  11. dannzeman

    02/20/2009   10:26AM  

    I would love to try the orange ink. I have the Lierre Sauvage and its one my favorite greens! I’ve been meaning to pick up some more J. Herbin inks and this would be perfect.

  12. Jeff

    02/20/2009   12:45PM  

    I’d be willing to try and review whatever color ink you want to send.

  13. eriquito

    02/20/2009   13:32PM  

    I’d love to review any ink that needs attention. My preference would be Diabolo Menthe and/or Vert Réséda, but any flavor would be welcome.

  14. Kim

    02/20/2009   18:21PM  

    I would love to review the Orange Indien, Lierre Sauvage, or Diabolo Menthe! I recently tried to order the orange but it was out of stock everywhere. Green is my favorite color, so I’m always partial to any green.

    I just purchased Gris Nuage so were I to recieve any free ink I’d certainly post about that one too.

  15. Seth

    02/20/2009   22:54PM  

    would love to do a review of the Vert Olive! Thanks.

  16. John Johnston

    02/20/2009   23:12PM  

    I’d be happy to do a review – any ink, any color!

  17. John

    02/21/2009   19:25PM  

    I’d be interested in reviewing the Vert Empire – I usually stick to brown/blue/black inks, and my first impulse would have been to request the “more conservative” Vert Olive, so it might be interesting to write about an ink outside my usual taste. Thanks!

  18. Adam

    02/24/2009   18:41PM  

    I still owe you a planner review. :) I recently have discovered the joys of fountain pens and bottled ink. If you’d like, I could combine the two reviews, of the Lierre Sauvage and the planner…even test one on the other. :) If not, I understand. Let me know.

  19. Richard W. Lewis

    02/24/2009   18:56PM  

    I would be pleased to test and review either of the J. Herbin inks. I use well over 30 different inks from all of the major manufacturers, and I would write a fair, honest review. Thanks!

  20. Erin

    02/24/2009   21:06PM  

    I would love to try the Vert Olive! (2nd choice Vert Empire.)
    Thank you!

  21. Jonel

    02/24/2009   21:56PM  

    I’d like to test out a J. Herbin Ink. I’d prefer a green, but an orange will make me just as happy!
    I’ll gladly review one of whatever you’ve got left, please.

  22. Stephen

    02/25/2009   14:53PM  

    I would love to try out the Diabolo Menthe. I already have the Orange Indien. I could review both for the price of one

  23. nrepose

    03/18/2009   10:23AM  

    Just found out about this. I would love to review the Poussiere De Lune or any that you have left. Thanks for the opportunity. Nr

  24. Phoebe

    03/21/2009   23:32PM  

    Late to the party here, but I’m always looking for fountain pen inks that play nicely with my pens. (And it’s even better if they remind me of Paris.) So if it isn’t too late, I’d love to try out the Vert Empire or Lierre Sauvage.

    Or whatever’s left, on the beggars and choosers principle. Thanks!

  25. Rainbow

    03/22/2009   00:47AM  

    I’m another one who’s late to the party but I’d would love to review Vert Pre or Orange Indien — or like Phoebe, whatever’s left.

  26. Gentian

    03/22/2009   05:45AM  

    I would love to review one of the inks, if there are any left!

  27. BC

    03/27/2009   14:28PM  

    I would love to try some of the orange if still available!

  28. Ramon

    04/01/2009   15:27PM  

    Do you have anything left? Wishing…hoping…praying…I’d love to try any of the colors, I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to try any of Herbin line of inks. Although I prefer blues and violets(Poussiere De Lune), any that you might have if is more than welcome. I’ll be delighted to review.
    Thanks so much!

  29. Gentian

    04/18/2009   14:48PM  

    Thank you again for the inks! Here is a link to the review:

  30. Don De Block

    04/22/2009   09:11AM  

    I would love to try Diabolo Menthe or Vert Olive if its not too late. thanks,


  31. Julie

    04/24/2009   08:08AM  

    If there are any inks still available I would love to try the Vert Empire.

  32. Lorna Mulligan

    04/24/2009   12:20PM  

    I would love to try a sample of your ink. I am the editor of a newsletter/journal for Montreal’s calligraphy society and we are currently comparing different inks and papers. Thank you,

  33. Camille Dumas

    04/29/2009   18:50PM  

    If there is any ink still available, please drop me a line. Thank you.

  34. John

    05/27/2009   22:58PM  

    If there is any ink available, I would love to try whatever you have left.

  35. Robert Warren

    06/01/2009   14:13PM  

    Same here if any ink is still available would love to try it out!

  36. fred lapides

    06/03/2009   06:59AM  

    I would love to try the pen and any color you choose on your very own to send for trial.
    thanks in advance,
    your pal in penmanship

  37. Nan

    06/14/2009   10:11AM  

    Hello, Can I try any of the GREENS? I’ve heard J. Herbin inks have great shadings and would like to compare them with other brands of inks. Many thanks!

  38. Sarah

    07/06/2009   23:47PM  

    I would also like to try any ink you have left out, especially the Diablo Menth and the Vert Reseda

  39. Lisa

    07/27/2009   17:20PM  

    Are any of these inks still available? I’ve been dying to try Vert Pre…

  40. Doc

    08/29/2009   18:18PM  

    I’d like to compare my favs vs Herbin’s line up. I know it sounds “inkpiggly”….but…. I’d surely give them a real run through…..each little green/orange bottle. I know how to be objective about such a subjective medium.
    I’m a FP user for half a century. I’ve used many different mechanisms and nib configurations.
    Bring those Herbin’s on!

  41. Debbie

    09/02/2009   19:22PM  

    I’d just adore trying any of the greens that you have left. My first choice is Diabolo Menthe, but any other would do, and I’ll post the revue on FPN. So far, my favorite Herbin inks are Terre de Feu and Ambre de Birmanie.

  42. Joao

    09/07/2009   20:12PM  

    I’ve been curious about J.Herbin inks but importing these inks to Brazil is a bit expensive, so I’ve favored brands that I can buy locally like Sheaffer and Parker. I have written with skrip green and would like to compare it with one of the J. Herbin green inks. My first choice would be Lierre sauvage, followed by vert empire, vert olive and vert prè.

  43. Hazcat

    12/27/2009   22:21PM  

    If it is not too late, I would love to try the Orange Indien. I am enjoying this site thoroughly. Thanks.

  44. Hourmazd

    01/21/2010   19:05PM  

    If you are still open to reviews, I would love to try Vert Empire if possible. Thank you, e-mail me if you wish to contact me.

  45. Peter

    03/03/2010   23:23PM  

    Hi, I’m wondering if the inks are still available. I would like to try the Vert Pre if s possible. Thanks


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